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ragsol (acronym for RAG solutions) is a RAG Austria AG (“RAG”) spin-off to commercialize RAG technologies, know-how and solutions in the oil and gas industry. Our experience and know-how are based on more than 80 years of field operation by RAG.

Considering the fact that mature fields are the most important source of free cash flow for most operators worldwide, the challenges of these mature fields with a high watercut, sand production, waxing, corrosion and high environmental standards served as a ground for the development of ragsol and its business approach.

ragsol’s Integrated Approach for Smart Brownfield

ragsol offers a novel approach for oil field digitalization from an operator’s perspective in view of big data and industry 4.0 topics

The objective is to effect a smart technology change to state-of-the-art conditions in mature brownfields assuming low oil prices, minor hydro-carbon production rates, high water cuts and the availability of a certain percentage of a well’s turnover for digitalization and monitoring purposes, as required by the company’s management.

Optimize production in brownfields

ragsol’s smart brownfield concept is based on a team of multidisciplinary professionals working on projects with the aim of introducing and implementing state-of-the-art technology solutions to optimize production in mature brownfields. The project team consists of three main pillars to cover key organizational, commercial and technical key aspects. Additionally, ragsol focuses on the individual skills of each team member, which are essential for the successful implementation of the defined objectives.

Effective oilfield digitalization

Combining more than 80 years of operational experience in brownfield development with new state-of-the-art technology approaches forms the basis for effective oilfield digitalization. The multidisciplinary project team elaborates a holistic approach covering all relevant operational disciplines, including aspects of production improvement, cost savings and health and safety compliance. Data is generated by equipping wells with commercially available hardware and sensors, as well as using purpose built devices like a fully mobile well-testing unit. The integration of a unique, internally developed tool for automatic liquid level detection and bottomhole pressure calculations rounds the workflow off.


Data is transmitted with a new approach in terms of IoT. Field operators are equipped with smart watches for data communication purposes during on-site field inspections. An internally developed software platform drawing on the advantages of machine learning and smart computational approaches underlies the innovative analysis of automatically transferred field data.

The project team programs integrated software applications for smart data visualization based on long-term expert knowledge in field operations. The oilfield digitalization concept created in this way serves as a platform for field development and decision-making at engineering and management level.

The big advantage of the offered concept is that the workflow can be applied to any oilfield or facility around the globe for different well types (SRP, PCP, ESP) and customized according to the required settings. This novel concept embodies a holistic approach in a retrofit design, combining the old analogue and the modern digital world for the smart digitalization of brownfields in the E&P business.

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